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Pendants are the ornaments that remains close to our hearts, quite literally! They are beautiful additions to a jewellery set. It feels like pendants complete the whole look while being simplistic and delicate. These graceful additions definitely deserve a place in your heart and your jewellery set. We have brought to you many different designs ranging from Napoli diamond pendants, Pure Sparkle pendants, Diamond pendants, to gold pendants, Key pendant, Miracle gold/diamond pendants, to name a few. We invite you to explore the best collection of jewellery set online as well as in our stores.

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  1. CPP - Pure Sparkle Diana Emerald Pendant - PGPNG26859E
    CPP - Pure Sparkle Diana Emerald Pendant - PGPNG26859E
    Special Price AED1,199.00 Regular Price AED1,399.00
  2. CPP - Diana Blue Sapphire Pendant - PGPNG26859S
    CPP - Diana Blue Sapphire Pendant - PGPNG26859S
    Special Price AED1,299.00 Regular Price AED1,499.00
  3. CPP - Diana Ruby Pendant - PGPNG26859R
  4. Oystra Multicolor Pendant - PPGOYS1118
    Oystra Multicolor Pendant - PPGOYS1118
    Special Price AED1,499.00 Regular Price AED1,799.00
  5. Diana Ray Cut Emerald Diamond Pendant - PGPNG27263E
  6. Diana Ray Cut Ruby Diamond Pendant - PGPNG27263R
  7. Diana Ray Cut Blue Sapphire Diamond Pendant - PGPNG27263S
  8. Floral Ruby Pendant
    Floral Ruby Pendant
    Special Price AED2,699.00 Regular Price AED6,599.00
  9. Diana - Single Line Sapphire Pendant
    Diana - Single Line Sapphire Pendant
    Special Price AED2,999.00 Regular Price AED9,899.00
  10. Diana - Single Line Emerald Pendant
  11. Ruby Pendant - PDPN24202
  12. Diana Emerald Pendant - PDPN24208
    Diana Emerald Pendant - PDPN24208
    Special Price AED8,099.00 Regular Price AED37,899.00
  13. Diana Sapphire Diamond Pendant
Grid List

13 Items