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  1. Pure Sparkle Infinity Ring
    Pure Sparkle Infinity Ring
    Special Price AED1,199.00 Regular Price AED1,999.00
  2. Pure Sparkle Blossom Ring - PGRNG28422
  3. Pure Gold Diamond FPC Ring -PGRNG21009
    Pure Gold Diamond FPC Ring -PGRNG21009
    Special Price AED1,299.00 Regular Price AED4,899.00
  4. Dazzle Sparkle Ring - PGRNG28167
  5. Pure Sparkle Pressure Set
  6. Pure Sparkle Diamond Ring - PGRNG20666
  7. Pure Sparkle Spiral Ring - PGRNG26666
  8. Sparkle Swirl Ring - PGRNG28342
  9. Pure Sparkle Blooming Ring - PGRNG28146
  10. Flairious Diamond Ring
  11. Pure Sparkle Flairious Ring
  12. Pure Sparkle Flower Ring
  13. Calista Diamond Ring
  14. Blossom Set-1 Ring
    Blossom Set-1 Ring
    Special Price AED1,499.00 Regular Price AED2,199.00
  15. Floral Sparkle Ring - PGRNG24610
  16. Pure Sparkle Sterling Ring - PGRNG26672
  17. Pure Sparkle Ring - PGRNG27938
  18. Pure Sparkle Diamond Ring
  19. Pure Sparkle Floral Ring - PGRNG24113
  20. Double Pressure Diamond Ring - PGRNG26358
  21. Pure Sparkle Diamond Ring - PGRNG28155
  22. Pure Sparkle Diamond Ring - PGRNG26702
  23. Circle Ring
    Circle Ring
    Special Price AED1,799.00 Regular Price AED2,799.00
  24. Pure Sparkle Spear Ring - PGRNG25200
Grid List

Items 1-24 of 31

Set Descending Direction